Monthly Archives: October 2016

Books you didn’t know you loved

Welcome to the latest episode of Cinematic Black Planet! In today’s episode, the gang discusses some of our favorite titles that clearly aren’t getting the love they deserve. Conspicuously absent: politics. That’s right! We talk about things we love and want to see succeed. Seriously, add any of these to your To Read stack.

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Reboots and Rebirths

Our crew is hard at work again! Welcome to another round of Cinematic Black Planet as we tackle comic book reboots, the DC Rebirth launch this year, and some of our favorites from that line-wide relaunch.

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Characters of Color

Welcome back to another round of our Cinematic Black Planet crew! Today we discuss characters of color in media. Consider this one entry among many, as the topic will come up in a recurring theme in this show.

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