Women In Comics

The next following episodes are months behind. I’ve been really lazy, but I plan on making up for it in the next few days. I will be posting the last 4 episodes that the crew recorded together. If it feels dated, don’t worry. Just look at it as nostalgia. I promise that the next episodes will be on time. Until then please listen and enjoy.

In episode 6 we welcome a new member to the crew: Ranee!

Marvel at the stunning image of four friends talking about the changing role of women in comics, largely focused on the representation within the medium over time. Send your “Well, actually…” to us and always feel free to subscribe and never miss a beat!

Books you didn’t know you loved

Welcome to the latest episode of Cinematic Black Planet! In today’s episode, the gang discusses some of our favorite titles that clearly aren’t getting the love they deserve. Conspicuously absent: politics. That’s right! We talk about things we love and want to see succeed. Seriously, add any of these to your To Read stack.

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Reboots and Rebirths

Our crew is hard at work again! Welcome to another round of Cinematic Black Planet as we tackle comic book reboots, the DC Rebirth launch this year, and some of our favorites from that line-wide relaunch.

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Characters of Color

Welcome back to another round of our Cinematic Black Planet crew! Today we discuss characters of color in media. Consider this one entry among many, as the topic will come up in a recurring theme in this show.

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Adaptations and Animation

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the Cinematic Black Planet! This week the crew discuss comic book movie adaptations and animation. As usual we try to stay on track, but we always veer off into other topics.

Issue #0

This is a new beginning!

I haven’t used Cinematic Black Planet in quite some time. I always talk about comic book related stuff with friends, and I finally got around to starting this thing with With Sean and Aidenn on board.

This pilot episode or as DC Comics would call it Issue #0 was Sean, Aidenn, and I feeling our way around. We were a bit all over the place without much focus, but it was still a lot of fun. I had a great time recording and talking with these two and look forward to future episodes.

Stick with us! We promise that this will be both entertaining and educational.

Thank you for listening! Enjoy the show!